What are the sanctions?

I’ve now looked at 7 articles about the new sanctions on Russian people and organizations. The closest any of them came to saying what the sanctions are is a couple of brief indications that the individuals’ financial assets (one article said in the US, another said in US dollars) are being frozen, and that they can’t travel to the US, and that Americans are forbidden to do business with them. (I’m not certain of that last point—I now can’t find the one article where I read it, and I may have misread or misremembered.)

Which is all well and good, but two of the organizations sanctioned are official Russian intelligence agencies (the Federal Security Service and the Main Intelligence Directorate). How do you freeze the assets of an intelligence agency? How do you keep them traveling to the US? How do you forbid Americans to do business with one? Aren’t its assets and travel and business deals likely to be secret?

Even the official Treasury announcement, which has a detailed list of who’s being sanctioned and why, doesn’t seem to say what the sanctions are.

The information may be in CAATSA, the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, but the full text of CAATSA appears to be a 70-page PDF, and I’m having a hard time following/parsing it well enough to understand what specific measures might be relevant to the current situation.

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