Influx of chess sets

The other day, I discovered that the only physical chess set in my house was one that doesn’t belong to me. (Not counting the Star Trek 3D chess set, which is useless for playing ordinary chess.)

So I ordered a chess set online.

More accurately, I ordered four of them: one with metal pieces and a folding board; one with wooden magnetic pieces and a folding magnetic-but-wood-covered board; one with glass pieces and a nonfolding mirrored board; and one with marble pieces and a nonfolding marble board. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted, so I figured I would order a few and then give away the ones I didn’t like.

Unfortunately, it turns out that I like all of them.

I think I’ll probably end up giving away the marble set; I don’t like it quite as much as the others, and it’s pretty bulky. But it’s also pretty nice in various ways.

If I could easily make the metal pieces magnetic, then I would probably combine those pieces with the magnetic board, and give away the plastic pieces and the nonmagnetic folding board.

But for now, I’ve got at least three chess sets.

Which is especially silly given that I almost never play chess.

P.S.: They all arrived quickly. The Chesshouse ones arrived within two days, with standard UPS ground shipping. And the Chesshouse customer service people (I spoke to two of them on the phone while trying to decide what to get) were knowledgeable and friendly and informative. Oh, and when I clicked away from the Chesshouse window during the ordering process, a popup offered me a discount coupon.

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