Turing Tumble update

I’ve been continuing intermittently to work on the puzzles provided in the Turing Tumble book. I think last time I mentioned Turing Tumble, several of y’all said that yours hadn’t arrived yet; have they arrived? Have you been doing the puzzles? I’m getting near the end, but some of the later ones are really hard.

Yesterday, I finally stopped by the forums on the websit. A bunch of interesting stuff there, including solutions to several of the puzzles that use fewer parts than the solutions in the book.

Also, in case any of you don’t know about it, there’s a JavaScript Turing Tumble emulator called jstumble. I had a hard time using it before I played with the physical device, but now it makes more sense to me. And you can save a board configuration and send the URL to people so they can try it out.

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