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AI text completion from 2019

In 2019, a friend pointed to a web interface for talking to an AI. At the time, I tried interacting with it a bit; here are four of those interactions. That system wasn’t nearly as sophisticated as ChatGPT, but it was fun. The first two responses end abruptly, because the system is set to stop […]

Apparently I’m gullible when it comes to AIs

Deepmind has created a new “generalist agent” AI, known as Gato. “The same network with the same weights can play Atari, caption images, chat, stack blocks with a real robot arm and much more, deciding based on its context whether to output text, joint torques, button presses, or other tokens.” …Which is neat, but the […]

The closin’ of the tabs

Today’s small victory: I closed something like 150 tabs on my iOS devices. I did it because of an annoying longstanding iPadOS Safari bug: if you have a few dozen tabs open, and you force-quit the app, then when you restart the app, it often throws away all of your tabs. I forgot and did […]

Accessibility in online gathering spaces like Gather and Kumospace

I’m seeing reactions that I think are worth signal-boosting regarding conventions held in virtual spaces like Gather (aka GatherTown) and Kumospace. The core of the issue is that although those kinds of spaces may be really useful and accessible for some people, they’re really inaccessible and hard to use for a lot of other people. […]

Apple Books files gone missing

Summary of today’s Apple Books adventure, so I don’t forget what’s happened so far. This is primarily for my own future reference; not expecting anyone to read the whole thing. There were two problems: I have something like 700-800 ebooks. I used to be able to sync them, using iTunes, from my Mac to my […]

Turing Tumble update

I’ve been continuing intermittently to work on the puzzles provided in the Turing Tumble book. I think last time I mentioned Turing Tumble, several of y’all said that yours hadn’t arrived yet; have they arrived? Have you been doing the puzzles? I’m getting near the end, but some of the later ones are really hard. […]

Cyclical stuff

Last night, in a successful effort to procrastinate on some overdue work tasks, I looked up how much a nearby house recently sold for, which indirectly led me to update the list of assets in my will. (My will, such as it is, is currently just a text file in the Documents folder of my […]