Refrigeration, or lack thereof

A month or so ago, a carton of milk in my fridge went bad a couple of days before the sell-by date.

A couple weeks later, the same thing happened again, this time with an unopened carton.

Around the same time, half of an avocado went moldy in my fridge. That had never happened before, in years of keeping halves of avocados in my fridge. And then it happened again with my next avocado.

I started to wonder if something was wrong with the fridge. But I set the internal temperature to colder and didn’t give it much thought.

Then a week later, I got some frozen latkes out of the freezer, and instead of being completely frozen solid, they were just cold.

Then I checked the freezer’s ice-maker and found that it was empty.

I started to worry that I was facing a recurrence of the thing that happened when I first moved into this house, where the fridge had a broken water line and spent the first couple weeks I was here dumping water into the floor.

But Kam and I moved the fridge out from the wall, and there was nothing obviously wrong back there.

So, early this week, I called some appliance repair places. (Thanks for the recommendations!) The first one I called said that they didn’t service GE appliances. The next one scheduled an appointment for several days later, which was yesterday.

The repair person came out yesterday afternoon and did some poking around, and concluded that (iIrc) the condenser and the compressor were both damaged beyond repair.

And for one of those parts, GE’s replacement-parts system said that not only was that part not made any more, but there was no replacement for it.

So it’s time for me to get a new fridge.

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