Some things I did today

Some things I did today, in roughly chronological order:

  • Got approximately enough sleep. Not enough to catch up on sleep dep, but probably enough for one night.
  • Made it to work for a 10 am meeting. Which I realize is late for many of you, but is relatively early for me; usually these days when I have meetings before 11, I video-call in to them from home.
  • Dealt with a fair bit of work email, mostly by quietly hanging out online with Mary Anne for a while while we both got work done.
  • Drank some caffeine in the early afternoon when I started to get sleepy. Not a good longterm solution for me (especially because of the amount of sugar I put in when I have to drink coffee), but in the short term, it helped.
  • Had a reasonably productive work day, even though I didn’t make any progress on the main thing I’m supposed to be working on.
  • Got passport photos taken at CVS.
  • Picked up a prescription refill at CVS.
  • Bought a hairbrush at CVS.
  • Bought a bunch of little plastic baggies (at JOANN Fabric and Craft) for use in re-bagging boardgame pieces. Also a few little round hard-plastic containers like mini petri dishes, to see if those will work better for some games. (But it turns out they’re not what I thought they were; the four containers screw into each other in a stack, and they don’t have separate lids. So they’re not what I want after all. Oh, well.)
  • Bought carrot juice and snacks at Trader Joe’s.
  • Listened to music while driving.
  • Added our recordings of “Gaudeamus Hodie” to the rounds page.
  • Checked off several to-do items.
  • Ate leftover dosas for dinner.
  • Closed all but 30 of my browser windows on my computer at home, mostly by saving them to Raindrop or to Facebook’s saved-posts system. I know 30 still-open windows sounds like a lot (especially considering that many of them have more than one tab), but it’s a huge improvement over where I was a couple hours ago, and it makes my computer much more responsive than it was.
  • Finished emptying the dishwasher, less than a week* after I last ran it. (*I think.)
  • Re-filled the dishwasher.
  • Ran the dishwasher.
  • Ran a load of laundry.
  • Re-bagged some Terraforming Mars game pieces whose bags had lost structural integrity.
  • Headed for bed at a vaguely reasonable hour.

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