Wow, it’s been over a month since I last posted here.

Not gonna try to post about everything I’ve been up to during that time. But here’s some of what I did this weekend:

  • Read or skimmed or evaluated-and-discarded five books. (And continued reading two or three others that I’m in the middle of.) My get-through-my-unread-books project is down to 129 unread mass-market paperbacks. I’ve averaged about two books a week this year, so if I can keep that up, I might finish this phase of the project by the end of next year. Which is kind of disheartening, but I always knew this was a longterm project. (As always, the books remaining on the shelf are the ones that I’m at least a little bit interested in reading, so “just give up on them” isn’t an ideal option.)
  • Responded belatedly to some important Constellation Press email.
  • Found another story I would like Constellation Press to reprint, but discovered that (a) it has been published as part of a novel-in-stories (so I should read the other stories before deciding whether to ask to reprint just the one story or the whole book), and (b) the story used to be available as part of two different ebooks, though I don’t think either of those is still available. This sort of thing keeps happening; it’s turning out that a lot of the material I would like to reprint in ebook form has already been made available. But I still have a list of stories and books to look into.
  • Sent tax forms to accountant.
  • Finished putting together the Robotime Magic Crush Waterwheel Coaster wooden hand-cranked marble-run device that Kam et alia and I have been intermittently working on for several weeks now. It was kind of a pain to assemble, but it’s pretty cool.
  • Participated in the second November session of Pandemic Legacy, season 2. Sadly, we lost again. We have at most two more sessions left to go (the December ones).
  • Watched a couple episodes of ST:TNG with Kam (we’re halfway through the series, which is to say halfway through season 4), and a couple episodes of Runaways on my own (have now watched the first three episodes of season 1).
  • Kam and Laura cooked dinner in my kitchen the other night, so I had leftover tofu and mushrooms. So I pressed and diced the tofu and sauteed it and the mushrooms and added IndianLife Tikka Masala sauce from a jar; not as tasty as most restaurant tikka masalas, but not bad.
  • Barely left the house.
  • Kept up my current Duolingo streak. (11 days now. I’ve had much longer streaks in the past, but this is significantly longer than I’ve managed in the past few months.)
  • Had a couple of nice phone calls with friends.
  • Ran a load of dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Failed to make progress on most of my ongoing projects. :(
  • Recharged social energy (after a two-day mini-conference at work last week) in preparation for a three-day mini-conference at work next week.

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