Season 5 of ST:TNG starts out strong

Tonight, Kam and I watched the first three eps of season 5 of ST:TNG:

  • “Redemption,” part 2, featuring the surprise appearance of a certain new Romulan character (we remembered her, and had been awaiting her arrival for some time, but we had both forgotten a big important piece of her backstory). (She also appeared very briefly at the end of the last episode of season 4.) I didn’t love the episode overall, but I was very pleased to see [spoiler] in action again.
  • “Darmok,” which is still extremely well-done (made me cry) while still making no logical sense at all if you look below the surface. Probably in my top five favorite episodes, certainly in my top ten.
  • “Ensign Ro,” who is even more awesome than I remembered. I totally see now why Piller et al would want their next series to be centered around the Cardassian/Bajoran conflict. In addition to finding Ro by far the most interesting character on the screen through the whole episode, I’m also impressed with the unusual level of political awareness in the writing, especially around Ro’s desire to retain her cultural touchstones in the midst of a refugee diaspora. And it doesn’t hurt that Michelle Forbes did an amazing job of portraying the character. Much as I loved Kira in DS9, I suspect that I would’ve loved Ro in that position even more, if Forbes hadn’t turned down the offer.

…Somehow, in 1991, I watched those first three episodes of the season and loved them and yet didn’t keep watching the show; it looks like yet again I skipped most of the season. Possibly I figured there was no way it could keep up that quality standard.

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