1Password and pricing

The password-management app 1Password switched from a pay-once model to a subscription model a while back. But it turns out that if you want to buy a license, you still can; the company has decided not to prominently display that option, but it’s still available.

To purchase a pay-once version for the Mac, for instance, you have to go to their downloads page; the version in the Mac App Store is subscription-only.

The pay-once version of 1Password 7 for Mac is currently on sale for about $50; the price goes up to $65 soon. (They don’t show the sale price until partway through the ordering process.) Subscriptions/memberships cost about $3/month for individuals, more for families.

The company really doesn’t do a good job of explaining all this, but that’s because they don’t want people to buy one-time licenses; they’re mainly providing that option for longtime users who don‘t want to subscribe.

They also don’t do a good job of explaining that if you have a membership and you let it lapse, you don’t lose access to all your passwords.

I like 1Password a lot, but I gather that the other prominent password-management apps (especially LastPass and Dashlane) have a clearer and less offputting pricing model.

For a lengthy and contentious, but informative, discussion/argument about all this, see this AgileBits forum thread.

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