Jim’s visit + roundsing

Jim was in town this week. Good visit—played various boardgames, went through some Puzzled Pint puzzles (you can download past puzzle sets from their archives), chatted about stuff, went to the Moffett Field Historical Society Museum, had a roundsing.

Even though I’ve lived in this area for most of my life, I didn’t know the Moffett museum existed—Jim found out about it online. It turned out to have a huge amount of info about the zeppelins rigid dirigible airships that the US created and flew in the 1930s; I wish that I had known about this exhibit before I wrote my zeppelin story. (…Sigh. Just did a web search for the story title, to see if I had a good place to link to, and one of the first results is an old Amazon review of All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories that says they didn’t like my story. Feh.) Anyway, I highly recommend the museum to anyone local who’s interested in zeppelins. The rest of the museum is mostly military history, mostly focused on airplanes, which I found mildly interesting but not as cool as the zeppelin stuff.

The roundsing went well. I had been worried that only a few people might show up, but in the end we had about eight adults and three kids, and we sang a bunch of good stuff, and there was general enthusiasm for the idea of having roundsings even when Jim isn’t here. Will try to get that to happen. Part of the point of the teaching recordings is to make it feasible for me to host a roundsing without Jim there to teach—although at this point, most of the people who are likely to show up know most of the rounds we’re likely to sing already, and several of them can teach rounds in Jim’s absence. (I am not so good at teaching songs.) But even so, I think the online recordings are a useful resource for such things.

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