Some vids

I enjoyed the vid party at WisCONline last week. Here are half a dozen of my favorites—some sweet, some thoughtful, some angry.

Come ’Round for Tea” (2014), by Garrideb
Showing female friendships in Marvel comics, with all the words in word balloons replaced by hearts. (song: “Baltic Sea,” by The Social Services) (2 min)
Pipeline” (2015), by Sumana
About the tech industry’s attempts to bring in women, and the mistreatment that often follows. Content warning: “Implied verbal/emotional abuse, a few seconds of very fast cutting around 1:50,” and a vividly violent metaphor in the epigraph. (song: “Blank Space,” by Taylor Swift) (3 min)
I Am the One Who Will Remember Everything” (2017), by chaila
The Harry Potter series from the point of view of Minerva McGonagall. Content warning: lyrics about child soldiers and orphans of war; also, “some bright flashes.” (song: “I Am the One Who Will Remember Everything,” by Dar Williams) (4 min)
Straightening Up the House” (2018), by eruthros
About the MCU’s erasure of decades’ worth of canonically queer comics characters. Content warning: “Queer erasure (condemned by vid). Suicidal ideation (in comics speech bubbles). Opens with a terrible James Gunn interview.” (song: “Straightening Up the House,” by Romanovsky & Phillips) (4 min)
Stray Italian Greyhound” (2018), by beerbad
“A Professor Marston and the Wonder Women fanvid.” Content warning: “Some internalized & externalized homophobia/polyphobia. Consensual BDSM.” (song: “Stray Italian Greyhound,” by Vienna Teng) (4 min)
Candy Girl” (2018), by vassalady
“A fanvid for the excellent comic Princess Princess Ever After.” (song: “Candy Girl (Sugar Sugar),” by the Riverdale cast) (2 min)

See also the full list of the vids (with links).

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