Stuff I’ve been up to lately

Here are some things I’ve done lately, in no particular order. (I wrote most of this a week and a half ago, but failed to finish and post it, so have now updated it.)

About a third of these items are things that I want to write full posts about, but it seems unlikely that I’ll get around to doing that.

  • Got a flu shot.
  • Signed papers to make significant progress on my estate-planning process.
  • Washed four loads of laundry and a dishwasher load of dishes.
  • Bought bagels and milk. And then did a full grocery shopping run a week later.
  • Backed up my data for Back Up Your Data Day.
  • Made progress on my overdue car registrations. (It’s complicated.)
  • Started to switch back to using the Things app for my task list. It’s still missing the major sorting feature that they removed in the transition to Things 3, but I haven’t been able to get myself to use OmniFocus consistently or well in several months of trying.
  • Sent out an internal survey at work that’s been ready to go and just waiting for me to send it for about six weeks. (Results so far have been mostly about what I expected.)
  • Taught someone various things about InDesign, mostly having to do with paragraph styles and generating a table of contents.
  • Bought some #3 thread and successfully darned a hole in the toe of a sock.
  • Re-attached (by hand-sewing) a pants fastener that had come mostly off of the pants.
  • Did a bunch of research about what materials to use to make masks.
  • Started reading up on California ballot propositions.
  • Talked with a couple of old friends who I’ve been out of touch with.
  • Watched a couple of movies from the 1980s.
  • Finished watching Away season 1 with Kam. (I liked it a lot, despite some flaws.)
  • Started watching Tales from the Loop season 1 with Kam. (Interesting so far.)
  • Watched one episode apiece of two other shows, neither of which appealed much to me.
  • Made progress on creating a Project Gutenberg version of the Brian Hooker translation of Cyrano de Bergerac.
  • Started writing some fiction for the first time in months, maybe even the first time in a couple years. Also started writing some JavaScript code that will be necessary to display the fiction.
  • Read and sent comments on a draft of a story by Mary Anne.
  • Read the first half of The Princess Bride aloud to Kam.
  • Re-read Jennifer Crusie’s Welcome to Temptation to myself.
  • Read Allie Brosh’s new book Solutions and Other Problems. (Liked it, but didn’t love it.)
  • Skimmed Freeman Dyson’s quasi-memoir Disturbing the Universe. (Found it more offputting than I had expected.)
  • With Kam, did a new jigsaw puzzle from Liberty Puzzles.
  • Finished the “Pop Chords III” lesson in Simply Piano, and started on the next lesson, learning to play “Für Elise.”
  • Played multiple games of Terraforming Mars.

…But I’ve also failed to do a bunch of other stuff—responding to email, attending rallies, getting back to political texting, various work things, etc. Hoping to do more of that soon.

(No advice, please.)

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