Long day

Had an early-by-my-standards meeting this morning, so of course I stayed up too late last night and then woke up extra-early this morning after too little sleep.

I attended or watched five hour-long meetings or presentations today. Four of those were for work. (The other one was Apple’s new-Mac announcement.) I actively participated in three of those work meetings, and I ran two of them, back to back. No wonder I was tired after the last one!

I took a break for a couple of hours in the late afternoon/early evening, then came back to my desk and was mostly pretty productive for a few more hours. Made some progress on dealing with email, and made significant progress on cleaning up an internal process document related to the style guide.

So all in all, I put in a pretty solid work day, which hasn’t always been true lately. And I got some non-work stuff done, too, in spare moments during the day—ordered some containers, broke down a cardboard box, did a little bit of living-room cleanup, read a bit of Borges, continued working on learning to play “Für Elise.”

But now I’m exhausted. Time for bed.

…Oh, wait—first Duolingo. Then bed.

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