My father would’ve been 81 years old today.

And today is the 40th anniversary of my mother’s death.

This is often a rough time of year for me because of those anniversaries, but this year I seem to be more or less okay. Shoulders tense, a little irritable, not sleeping well. But mostly fine.

(Though I’m super tense about the possibility of conflict on social media today, even more so than usual. And everything that’s on my list of stuff to post is feeling likely to provoke conflict. I don’t think most of it really would be conflicty, but the fact that it’s feeling that way makes me think it would be best for me to refrain from posting stuff today. So I think I’m gonna try to stay off social media today. Will likely be back tomorrow.)

Love and hugs to family and others who are remembering Peter and/or Marcy today.

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