Family letters: late 1969

I don’t seem to be posting anything other than family letters here lately.

September 23, 1969 (postcard)
In which we move again. “[Jed is] fully weaned & very happy, got his own trike this weekend, but can’t quite reach the pedals yet.”
December 29, 1969
In which Peter is really interested in the idea of the enema as a purificatory gift from God. “Next, we are told to cleanse ourselves by the power of ‘the Angel of Water’ —— by swimming & bathing, and by self-administering enemas[…]”
January 1, 1970
In which Marcy muses about gifts and Christmas and commercialism and love. “The rest of the presents are temporarily stashed, as it would have been too much at once, and he was already getting a little drunk on the abundance of new things.”

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