Family letters: early 1971

Letters from both of my parents, from late 1970 and early 1971, about what the family had been up to, and about Christmas and materialism and such.

November and December, 1970
In which Marcy writes about the war in Vietnam, the materialism of Christmas, and the importance of staying connected with family.
Also includes unusually direct criticism of Helen about the way she had been behaving toward Dobe.
“our major investments should be in how we feel towards each other.”
Mid-February, 1971
In which Peter writes about what he’s been up to—school, Shaklee, etc.
“[I] dropped […] the functions of a complex variable course because of not having quite enough prerequisites (I could follow the proofs but not make them up myself… yet)”
April 17, 1971
In which Marcy lists assorted things that we’d been up to, including our first Easter egg hunt, and making and eating vichysoisse, and dealing with pet illness.
“Joaquin ‘found’ one [Easter egg], nice bright delightful colors, very disappointing to find icky ol’ hardboiled egg inside. Jed got two, one of which he’d hid himself…”

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