The closin’ of the tabs

Today’s small victory: I closed something like 150 tabs on my iOS devices.

I did it because of an annoying longstanding iPadOS Safari bug: if you have a few dozen tabs open, and you force-quit the app, then when you restart the app, it often throws away all of your tabs.

I forgot and did a force-quit this morning because iPad Safari wasn’t being responsive, and of course when I restarted the app, the tabs were gone. Some people might have seen that as a sign that it was time to move on from those tabs, but not me; I immediately turned off Wi-Fi so as not to overwrite the iCloud list of my open tabs, and then went to open the iPad tabs on my Mac.

Sadly, the place where iCloud tabs from other devices used to appear in Mac Safari no longer seems to show them, or at least I couldn’t get it to. (In the tab overview view.) But eventually I found out that if I looked at the Safari “start page” (which I normally keep turned off), it still shows iCloud tabs.

So I opened all the tabs from my iPad on my Mac, and for each one, I either discarded it or copied the URL to the HTML file where I keep all the tabs that I hope someday to do something with.

And then I figured that since I was doing that with my iPad tabs, I might as well do it with my iPhone tabs, too, so I did that.

And now there are no tabs open on my mobile devices! Exciting. Won’t last long, but nice for the moment.

(I also closed some Mac tabs while I was at it, but I still have a couple dozen Mac tabs open that I hope to do things with in the near future.)

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