Family letters: Late 1972, early 1973

This week in my family history project: A Marine World visit; a letter from Peter explaining how much debt we were in; a response from Grandpa George advising us on how to deal with the debt; a letter from Peter and Marcy explaining that the debt wasn’t such a big deal after all.

November-ish, 1972
A Marine World visit, plus assorted other tidbits.
“man puts head between jaws of killer whale:::Peter: ‘Hey, Jed, look at that! What do you think of that?’ Jed: ‘Oh, yeah, I saw that on television.’”
January 4, 1973
Peter describes the amounts of money that we owed to various organizations and people.
“we have not forgotten our obligation to you, but they’ve turned off the water and, and, and…”
January 8, 1973
A copy of a letter from George! One of the very few letters-from-Grandparents in this family-letters archive. In this one, George expresses consternation about the amount of our debt.
“Not that we can help that much financially, but the burden is just too great for anybody to be living almost from hand to mouth and always behind.”
January 15, 1973
Peter and Marcy attempt to reassure George that their financial situation isn’t so bad after all.
“Please bear in mind that Peter’s original estimate was somewhat on the negative side because he was very depressed & worried about that late paycheck, & also because I do most of the keeping track of funds & he wasn’t aware of what had already been paid.”

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