Family letters: Spring 1973

This week in my family history project: pinworms, Pinocchio, and puppet shows. Also, explanation of a drawing by me, discussion of what I was reading and Jay’s latest interests, some gardening thoughts, and a detailed discussion of Peter’s drama-filled salary negotiations.

March 25, 1973
Peter sends a postcard to let George and Helen know that Marcy is writing them a letter.
Also March 25, 1973
Pinworms, Pinocchio, and creating a puppet show called “Are you a Person or a Puppet?”
“a notice server, the most mealy mouthed ever encountered, noticing that we had three days to ‘quit’ the premises. […] they had awakened our landlady at eleven the night before to tell her that ‘they’ had sold her house”
Sometime around early April, 1973
Explanation of a drawing by me (plus accompanying one-line “letter” from me), discussion of what Jay and I were up to (reading, View-Master, fire engines, etc), some gardening thoughts, and a detailed discussion of Peter’s recent work changes, especially his drama-filled salary negotiations.
“Niel asked the Board of Directors for the extra raise [for Peter], and they refused...on account of the Chairman of the Board was in a personal conflict with Niel and was refusing all his requests across the board that evening. So Niel raged and ranted, and next day both of them (Niel and Peter) turned in their resignations.”

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