1973, March 25: Postcard from Peter to G&H

A postcard from Peter to tell his parents that Marcy is writing them a letter. Which seems kind of unnecessary to me; but as it turned out, the news that Peter said here that Marcy was writing about didn’t make it into the letter in question, so I suppose it was just as well that he wrote the card.

This is another one of those postcards-with-no-picture but with postage preprinted on it.

25 March 1973

Dear ParentsThere’s a small drawing of a flower here, but I think I’m not going to scan it——

Hi! Marcy’s writing you a letter tonight she says (but “A card in the hand…”), so I won’t bore you with details about our recent good fortune: after I threatened to resign, the Board re-considered my request, and granted me a pay raise to $750/mo.!

(plus Blue Shield medical insurance!)


Peter, Marcy, Jed, Joaquin

The pay-raise situation was much more complicated than this makes it sound; for details, see the letter-after-next.

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