Family letters: November–December 1973

This week in my family history project:

I spent a while yesterday and this morning digitizing a letter from Marcy that I had thought was from November, 1973—only to discover after it was ready to post that it must have instead been written in early 1974.

So it turns out that the next substantive letter in chronological order is from December 1973, and there are six brief “letters” from me and Jay (some text, some art) with dates before that one.

So this week’s update again consists entirely of kidmail. More real letters from my parents will appear soon. Next week for sure.

November and December, 1973
Six more brief letters (some with art) from Jed and Jay to George and Helen.
Example text: “This is a good machine. It’s a plug-in good machine. It does lots of good things for you when you’re real lazy.”

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