GPT-3 is publicly available!

I just found out that the amazing text generator GPT-3 was opened to the public months ago!

To use it, you need to sign up for an OpenAI account. If you have an account already (for access to DALL-E 2, for example), then you can use that account. If not, it looks like you can request a personal-use account and be granted GPT-3 access pretty quickly.

Then you can visit the GPT-3 Playground page and type prompts and get responses.

You must follow OpenAI’s usage guidelines, including their content policy; for example, you can’t use GPT-3 to generate violent or sexual content.

(If you’re a programmer, you can communicate with GPT-3 programmatically, using their API; when you sign up to use the API, you get a bunch of free credit for use in the first three months, and then you pay to use it after that. But if you don’t want to write any code, then you can just use the Playground, which seems to be free to use.)

For lots of info about how to interact with the Playground and how to adjust various settings, see “The Ultimate Guide to OpenAI's GPT-3 Language Model”. (Written in 2020, so may not be completely accurate, but looks like it’s at least mostly still correct.) But you can also get neat and interesting and fun results by just typing prompts into the Playground with default settings.

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