Extra avocados

I keep catching glimpses of things online saying that there are too many avocados at the moment. To which my reaction is: Oh, no! I must eat extra avocados! For the good of the world! It is a great and woeful sacrifice, but willingly do I hurl myself onto the excess avocados and consume them, for I know that by doing so I make this world a better place. I hope that my sacrifice will not be in vain! Remember me in song and story as one of those valiant few who nobly braved the Great Avocado Glut of 2022!

Anyway, so at the grocery store the other day, I bought a couple more avocados than I usually would.

I even briefly considered buying some more and making guacamole. My guacamole used to be pretty tasty; it was the one food that I could consistently get praise for making. But many years ago I discovered that I could get pre-made guacamole in various places that I liked approximately as much as my own, and I had always enjoyed the result more than the making of it as such. So I fell out of the habit of making it.

The other day at the store, the idea of making guacamole was somehow seeming like a lot of work. (It’s not really all that much work, but that day it felt like it would be.) But I knew that I would enjoy the result, and anyway I owed it to the world to consume more avocados.

So I went back along the produce aisle to look for tomatoes. And I found that there were no local tomatoes.

There were some from Mexico, which seemed unsurprising. When various kinds of produce are out of season here, we often import from Mexico.

But the thing that surprised me was that there were also tomatoes from Canada. That felt to me kind of like an insult to California tomato-growers. Like, sure, if we’re too late in the summer to get good local tomatoes, then bring them in from further south; that makes sense. But bringing them in from Canada just seems wrong.

Anyway, none of the available tomatoes looked all that great to me. I’m sure they were fine, but they didn’t have that luscious ripe red color that in my experience around here usually signals a great tomato.

So I skipped the tomatoes and just brought home the avocados. Maybe I’ll mash some up for a minimalist quasi-guacamole, or maybe I’ll just eat them with other stuff. We’ll see.

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