Getting assorted medical things done

Sometimes September turns out to be the month when I coincidentally do a bunch of medical checkups and such.

This year, that started in September but has continued into October. My recent medical progress includes:

  • Getting the covalent bivalve booster shot.
  • Getting the flu shot.
  • Having a cancer test done. (Don’t worry, the test showed no sign of any of the cancers that it tests for. I had no particular reason to do this test; just seemed like a good idea on general principles.)
  • Getting my teeth cleaned.
  • Having a particular psychological assessment done. (May post more about this some other time.)
  • Having an eye exam.
  • Scheduling a consultation for possible cataract surgery.
  • Replacing the batteries in my Bose SoundControl hearing aids, and using them for a couple days in a row.
  • Taking the first step toward possibly getting better hearing aids.
  • Filing an insurance claim.
  • Asking the insurance people various questions.

I had my regular physical earlier in the year, or I would probably be trying to schedule that around now too.

(No advice, please.)

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