Family letters: June–July 1976

Here are the rest of the letters exchanged during the six weeks of Jay’s and my one-month visit to see George and Helen and aunts and uncles and cousins in June and July 1976.

June 29, 1976
Helen tells Peter and Marcy how Jed and Jay’s visit is going.
“[George] is most impressed with these dear grandsons—their thoughtfulness, manners, cleanliness, speech, the gamut.”
July 5, 1976
A note from Peter to Jed and Jay, while we were visiting George and Helen.
“Marcy & I are doing fine, except we miss you a whole lot... if we get too lonely, maybe Marcy will drive up there & get you...”
July 8, 1976
Marcy explains the origins of amber, and catches us up on how she and Peter are doing while Jay and I are away.
“did you tell her that you like to do dishes? You must be helping a lot—Grandma was very pleased in her letter.”
July 16, 1976
A note from Peter to Jed and Jay.
“here is four weeks allowance each and a dollar bonus to share”
July 28, 1976
An update from Helen on how Jed and Jay’s visit is going.
“Do hope you've caught up with jobs that needed doing, gotten some extra rest, and perhaps saved a bit more money than usual these six weeks. An opportunity that may never happen again?”
Also July 28, 1976
Marcy wonders how to get Jed and Jay home from the trip to see George and Helen.
“The 15000 for the plane flight up there just about did us under - now we are back up to zero but not sure what to do.”

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