The well-documented Airbnb

(I posted this on Facebook on October 1, but neglected to copy it over to my blog until now.)

I’m post-flight quarantining in an Airbnb in Forest Park. So far, I like it.

[Edited to clarify: I’m not sick, I’m just isolating for a couple days after my flight.]

One of the things I like best about it is the documentation. All through the place, there are 4"x6" (or so) cards with relevant instructions and info. Where to park, how to operate the pocket door of a bedroom, what the Wi-Fi password is, various kitchen things. Good documentation, mostly physically located right where you need it. Pleasing.

There’s also an instruction card about how to operate the 1950s-looking Bluetooth record player—there are two or three dozen LPs in a crate next to it.

The other thing I like best about it is the second bedroom. It’s a smallish room with a smallish bed (with a trundle bed under it) with navy sheets and a navy-and-white-striped bed-cover, and dark curtains, and somehow it just feels really cozy. Comfortingly enclosed. Last night I thought about sleeping in the master bedroom (which has a larger bed with colorful orange flowers on the bedspread), but the smaller space was just what I needed.

Next to the bed, there’s an info card that says: “There is a second bed under this one. We suggest rock/paper/scissors to decide who gets it.” :)

The only thing I don’t like about the place is that the floors are a little creaky. Which wouldn’t be a big deal, but it’s on the second floor of a house (the hosts live downstairs), and I’m always a little tense when there are downstairs neighbors (because I’ve lived in a place with upstairs neighbors, and I suspect that they didn’t realize how loud they were when they did things like walk around). And I’m probably likely to be up later than the hosts are. Though they’re theatre people, so maybe not. (No need to tell me that this isn’t a problem—my reactions aren’t necessarily rational. I have various anxiety issues around making too much noise and waking people up.)

I somehow managed to pack the stem of my electric toothbrush but not the brush part, but fortunately for me the Airbnb provided a couple of spare toothbrushes.

The decor is mildly quirky, and some of it is mildly retro. For example, the microwave is a Nostalgia Electrics RetroWave.

The Wi-Fi seems slightly flakey, but that may just be my computer being slow.

Overall, a nice place, and a pleasant refuge in which to spend a quarantine.

(Facebook version of this post.)

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