Family letters: 1979

We only wrote four letters to George and Helen in 1979, and one of those is one that I already posted: the one that I had labeled as late 1978 turns out to have really been late 1979.

This project has continued to be stressful for me. One of the early-1979 letters includes the first time that Marcy used the word leukemia in these letters.

And next week will pick up with early 1980, and the week after that will be mid-1980, and the week after that will be late 1980, including a brief letter that Marcy wrote the day before she died.

I think/hope that the project will be easier on me after that. The anticipation has been a lot of what’s been hard about this project for me lately—knowing (as I read and digitize these letters) exactly how much longer she had left to live, and knowing that she and we didn’t know that at the time.

Still, I guess it’s good to see that there was more going on for her in that period than just dealing with the illness.

January 22, 1979
I describe the Christmas presents that various family members sent us.
“they also sent us a game called ‘Quest of the Magic Ring’ that the main idea of it is taken from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. We all really like the game.”
February 2, 1979
Marcy thanks G&H for presents, and muses about the power of prayer and Johrei.
“The honey coconut spread was very happy that some kind person had put it in a baggie. Otherwise it would have been very embarrased at the damage its leakage could have done.”
February 14, 1979
A general-life-updates note, plus the first time Marcy used the word leukemia in these letters.
“Jed also has a weekly math class with an advanced group at another school but some of what I hear about doesn’t sound real advanced.”

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