Time flies

Over the weekend, I learned yet again that time flies. For example:

  • I thought to myself, Huh, it’s been a few months since last time I talked with [specific friend]. Then I saw something that indicated that no, it had been nearly two years.
  • I decided it was time to change my electric-toothbrush head, so I looked in the drawer where I keep the unused ones. I knew that I had bought a pack of three of them a couple months ago, so I looked and looked, but couldn’t find them anywhere. Then I checked my Amazon past-orders page and discovered that no, I bought a pack of two of them over a year ago.
  • I called the house-cleaners to ask them to come clean my house, ’cause it’s been a few months since they were last here. They told me that no, they were last here a year ago.
  • I’ve been having some issues that I suspect are air-quality issues at home, so I thought maybe I should change my HVAC filter. But that seemed weird to me, because it was changed when the new HVAC system was installed, which was only about nine months ago. But it turns out there are two things wrong with that: (1) the new HVAC system was really installed seventeen months ago; and (2) you’re supposed to change your filter every three months or so.

I know that time has no meaning since the pandemic started. But apparently, in various contexts, I’ve condensed this past year-plus into seeming like only a few months.

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