Favorite TV title sequences?

What are your favorite TV-show title sequences? (Opening and/or closing titles.)

I’m primarily interested in hearing about sequences where you like the visuals; I think focusing primarily on the audio can too easily turn into “What’s your favorite TV theme song?”, which I feel like is a different question.

And I’m specifically interested in hearing about TV shows rather than movies.

General content warning: a lot of title sequences include violent or disturbing imagery.

Some of my favorites:

What about you?

(It’s fine if you don’t love the ones that I or others here love, but I’m much more interested in hearing about your favorites than in hearing about ones that you don’t like. If someone here says they like something, and you don’t like that thing, there’s no need to tell them that you don’t like it.)

2 Responses to “Favorite TV title sequences?”

  1. Kevin Standlee

    It’s not genre, but the opening titles for the original Hawaii Five-O were the first to come to mind when I saw this question. It does an excellent job of setting up the show. But I’m also very fond of the theme music.

  2. Tim Schulz



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