Family letters: 1980

Here are five letters and cards from 1980, the last year of Marcy’s life, plus a couple of non-letter items.

January 7, 1980
General life update from Peter.
“we now have [a] really nice [housemate]: Ed, who’s an ex-Alaskan ex-helicopter mechanic, now going to massage school & Stanford pre-medical classes”
February 14, 1980
A valentine made by Jay, featuring a doily decorated to look like a pig.
Spring, 1980
Marcy didn’t often write poems. This one, about flying dragon kites, was for my brother.
“My heart longs for the green hills[…]”
May 11, 1980
Appears to be a Mother’s Day card/collage made by Peter, for Helen. (But may have been made 30 years earlier, dunno.)
July 19, 1980
General updates from Marcy: missing Peter (who was away at a math class); seeing friends; notes about the flowers and birds; finding out we didn’t have to move; summer school; swimming lessons; more.
“I’m beginning to learn to breathe.”
September 22, 1980
A brief postcard about Jay’s baseball photos.
October 3, 1980
In her final letter to George and Helen, Marcy describes our new piano, and invites G&H to come visit. The invitation gets a little silly.
“We’d all love to see you, and hope you will accept this fine offer, Mr. and Mrs Hartfelt.”
November 10, 1980
The last known letter that Marcy wrote, written and postmarked the day before she died: a notecard, written to my uncle Paul and aunt Linda about the impending birth of my cousin.
“I guess I’ve come to Orcas Island to be healed, but whether or not the physical healing takes place, a growth in spirit is already evident.”

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