AI text completion from 2019

In 2019, a friend pointed to a web interface for talking to an AI.

At the time, I tried interacting with it a bit; here are four of those interactions. That system wasn’t nearly as sophisticated as ChatGPT, but it was fun.

The first two responses end abruptly, because the system is set to stop after a specified number of words.

My prompt: Her name was Magill, and she called herself


Her name was Magill, and she called herself a blacksmith, as all blacksmiths are called.

Her work was for the military and the royalists, and so she had to be very careful.

And one day, she received a letter from the kingdom's lord, Duke Espeon, requesting a large amount of iron.

She had to use her hands, but Magill was a good blacksmith. And so she had to make a sword for the Duchy Duke.


The sword that Magill made was quite large.


When Magill returned her attention to her work, Celia was sitting there.

"That was the only thing my sister's ever said to you, Celia. I see."

"I see…"

Celia was feeling the same way as Magill who had been receiving a letter from her sister.

In order for the two of them not to leave anything out, the fact that one's sister was a blacksmith and the other was

My prompt: Yo quiero un libro.


Yo quiero un libro. Una oportunidad para el muy bueno. ¡Un día cuando mi libro se mejor es posible!

I like the colors. I like the way the text is rendered. And when they say "no quiero un libro" that's why I'm not interested because it makes me not like what I see. I've always had a soft spot for the library's font choice. When I look at books that have a monospace font it always feels awkward to me because I know that the actual reading experience of the text is a little less comfortable with such characters. But I digress.

The library in Santiago is named for a famous poet, Santiago de Compostela. The library also uses his work as a metaphor for how we should live. I read a little bit about the poet while visiting Compostela's former house. It's quite large, so this was the perfect spot for me to read the poem in its entirety. I found the story about the house, as you'd expect

My prompt: Cat pictures, please.


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My prompt [at least, I think this was me; but I might have seen someone else post this, not sure]: In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.


In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a cozy home, made all of sticks and stones, with a damp floor and a buzzard's egg for a pillow: and that is the way they lived, down in the bottom of the hole.

'That is all very well,' thought Bilbo, 'but I would be even more comfortable up here.

You are almost as tall as I am. '

So up he climbed.

A version of that system is still available online; the old URL now redirects to a demo of something called InferKit.

I can’t tell whether InferKit is related to GPT. You’ll probably get more sophisticated responses from ChatGPT, but InferKit can be fun too.

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