BoardSpace is another site for playing boardgames online.

Overall, I don’t like it as much as Boardgame Arena, but it has its advantages.

Some notes about BoardSpace:

  • Design/layout looks like something from the ’90s.
  • Has about a hundred games.
  • Focused primarily (but not exclusively) on abstract strategy games.
  • Has a downloadable app that you use to play the games, instead of playing in browser.
  • Has bots that you can play against for some of the games.
  • Doesn’t have as extensive/polished a system of player info as BGA does; for example, doesn’t appear to have a reputation system. (But does have some player info that I think BGA doesn’t.)
  • Doesn’t appear to have a tutorial system. (Not all BGA games have tutorials, but I feel like a lot of them do.)
  • Includes at least a few games that aren’t available on BGA. (I’m pretty sure of this, but not certain.)
  • Has been around since at least 2008, but I don’t think I heard of it before a couple weeks ago.
  • Appears to be run by one person (Dave Dyer), who I think also implemented all the games?

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