Coming back to Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin was one of my favorite TV shows. But in mid-2018, in season 4, there was a storyline that I found hard to watch.

I thought that storyline had ended, but I was still a little tense about the show, so I paused for a while between episodes—and somehow didn’t pick it up again until a year later.

At which point the difficult storyline that I had thought was over turned out to still be going on. And then they added another storyline that I disliked and that put the characters through a lot of distress.

(Also, my OTP had finally gotten together, but then of course further events transpired that made me suspect they will not end up together. As I had suspected before, but the show had lulled me into thinking they might.)

So by September, 2019, my notes on the episodes included comments like:

This show is not fun to watch any more.


Dunno if I can take much more of this.

I watched another episode or two after that, and was liking it more. But I was still feeling a little tense about it, so I paused again—

And now it’s been four years and I haven’t gone back to it.

I’ve been re-reading my notes from the first four seasons and the beginning of s5, and I think I’m about ready to give it another try. I stopped after s5e6, so there are only 13 episodes left to watch before the end of the series. (The final episode is #100, which is s5e19.) Possibly I should look ahead (or ask someone) to find out how a couple of the storylines end up, to reduce my tension about them. (But don’t tell me unless I ask.)

I do want to finish watching it. It was a remarkably good show.

But apparently when I put something on hold, it takes me a long time and a lot of activation energy to start up again.

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