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I now have a rice cooker!

My latest acquisition: a rice cooker! (No advice, please.) It occurred to me a couple months ago that I like rice, but that I only eat it with takeout food, because I don’t like making it. My parents taught me how to make rice when I was a kid. (Using the knuckle method for measuring […]

The Adventure of the Expired Falafel Mix

I like falafels, and a couple of times in the past I’ve made them at home from a mix. So at some point in the distant past I acquired another box of falafel mix, with the intention of making falafels. But then I didn’t get around to making them. And of course as time went […]

Extra avocados

I keep catching glimpses of things online saying that there are too many avocados at the moment. To which my reaction is: Oh, no! I must eat extra avocados! For the good of the world! It is a great and woeful sacrifice, but willingly do I hurl myself onto the excess avocados and consume them, […]

Refrigeration, bananas, and truth

When I was a kid, anytime the subject of bananas came up, my father would sing a little jingle, to which the words were: Chiquita Banana says you must never never put your bananas in the refrigerator. And so my entire life, I have taken as absolute fact the idea that bananas must never go […]

Two culinary adventures

Note: I almost never do anything that remotely resembles cooking, so what counts as an adventure for me is pretty low on the adventure scale for many other people. (No advice, please.) 1. A couple of times recently, I’ve acquired a bundle of scallions. I’ve then occasionally chopped one up and mixed it in with […]

Impossible Quasi-Ganache: a recipe

A while back, I found out that ganache is basically chocolate mixed with cream, and ever since then I’ve been occasionally making this tasty quasi-ganache in my microwave. Here’s an approximate recipe. Short version: Put some chocolate in some cream, warm it up in the microwave for a minute, and mush it all together; then […]


A few weeks ago, I got some lemonade at the store. I almost never buy or drink lemonade, but I do like it now and then. And at some point after buying that, I thought: Wait, I have a lemon tree in my backyard! I could make my own lemonade! So I mail-ordered a low-tech […]

New food, I saw you standing alone

We were talking the other night about the idea that if you eat a food that you don’t like ten times, you’ll start to like it. Was thinking about that again just now, and thought I would look it up for more info. There are apparently studies that suggest that that can be true for […]