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You'd think that if I were traveling across the country to a wedding, I might, for example, find out who else was going to be there, and where they were staying, and how late they'd be up, and what their cell phone numbers were (if any), and so forth.

But you'd be wrong.

I'm always a disorganized traveler, but this time I'm unusually disorganized even for me. I've arrived at the hotel, but I have no idea where anyone else might be at any point between now and the wedding, nor even who's likely to be here at all.

I think I'm gonna go wander around a little and see if by some chance there are people gathered in some public place. But that seems fairly unlikely.

So if anyone who's here for the wedding happens to see this note, could you give me a call on my cell phone (any time of day or night; I'll have it turned off while I'm asleep, so leave a message if I don't answer), or drop me an email?

Edited to add: Got the room number of one friend, slid note under door. We'll see.

Also: This morning at SJC was possibly the quickest I've gone through airport security since 9/11. Short line, no unusual delays. Go figure.

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