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Made it home, eventually


I'm home, thank goodness.

After my previous status-update entry, I did go try to get onto the flight to SFO, which was an hour before the SJC flight. It turned out I was indeed booked on the SFO flight (as well as the SJC flight), but the gate agent told me that there was no way my luggage would make it onto the SFO flight. He told me that I would have to file a claim form for the luggage. I said, "Well, maybe I should just stick with the SJC flight, then."

He took my SJC boarding pass, tore it in half, and handed me an SFO boarding pass. "This is the way luggage gets lost," he said.

I said, "So my luggage is likely to get lost if I take this flight?"

He said yeah.

I repeated my earlier remark that maybe I should go with the SJC flight.

He took my new SFO boarding pass, tore it in half, and handed me a new SJC boarding pass.

I went off to stand in line for the customer service desk to make sure my luggage would get onto the SJC flight.

In retrospect, it was probably just as well. I would've had a middle seat on the SFO flight, and it would've cost Kam nearly an hour of extra driving time, plus costing me another hour of extra time retrieving my bag from SJC later.

In the end, the SJC flight departed on time, and my luggage ended up being on it, and Kam picked me up and took me home (arriving home, exhausted, around 11:30 p.m.--a total of about 14 hours' transit door-to-door), and all was well.

All, that is, except me. Sometime after I left Boston, I developed a sore throat, which turned into a cough.

But I'm hoping that some of the codeine cough syrup from last time will help me sleep tonight.

The past couple of weeks have been kind of a blur.

The first week I was in Boston, I somehow managed to spend almost all of my time doing day-job work and magazine work (instead of the socializing that I had intended to do that week), and yet still somehow managed to get almost nothing productive done.

So I ended up trying to cram a huge amount of seeing friends into the last two days of my trip.

But in the end, I did see almost everyone I wanted to see (apologies to those I missed), and even got some good individual-conversation time with most of those people.

Over the course of the twelve(ish) days in Boston, I also got to do some snuggling, and attended a roundsing and a convention, and ate good food, and taught a bunch of people some poi basics, and played a couple of good Name Games, and swam in Walden Pond, and took a bunch of photos, and gave a kid a birthday present, and finally met Rich D, and visited Alewife station twice in two days (having never been there before), and waltzed with Chaos (thanks again, and sorry I was so rusty), and intentionally acquired many many presidential dollar coins from the T change machines (my bank won't give 'em to me), and helped pick up many boxes of books from a shipping center, and visited my employer's Boston office, and made significant progress on a project that I've been procrastinating on for two years, and had many fine conversations, and caught up with old friends' lives, and showed off my new iPhone, and probably did a bunch of other things that I'm not thinking of.

And, most importantly, I got to see two friends get married (and even got to help out with the wedding!), which was, after all, the main point (and the high point) of the trip.

And at the post-wedding dance, I got to look out over the dance floor from a high perch and see all these friends of mine--some of whom I've known for over twenty years, some of whom I've only just met--stepping and turning and interweaving, and for a magical moment felt like I was home.

So the trip overall was certainly well worth it.

At some point during (or just before or just after) that final flight home, I thought to myself, "I'm never going to leave home again. And certainly never coming to Denver again."

And then I remembered that next Wednesday evening, I'm flying to WorldCon, which is in--you guessed it--Denver.

But after that, I may just go home and never leave again.

I mean, y'know, unless someone convinces me to go to World Fantasy or something.


helped pick up many boxes of books from a shipping center

A huge thank you for helping with that. 1064 books, 53 boxes and a padded envelope, 2 station wagons, 1153 pounds, and a ziggurat sculpture in front of the fireplace as the final result. And it meant I met the pub date.

Michael: Glad to help; only sorry I didn't get my schedule together to do that earlier, when you first asked. ...Also, many thanks to you and Lisa for putting me up!

AndyHat: Aha! Yep, I imagine a work slowdown on the part of the pilots would indeed explain what happened on Wednesday. You'd think United would be willing to say that it was the pilots' fault (given that they were in the process of suing their pilots that very day) rather than claiming mechanical failure.... But possibly the reservations person on the phone just didn't know what was going on, and guessed it was a mechanical problem.

Given your problems with United this week, you may find this article interesting.

Heh--I forgot to change my journal's time zone back to California time 'til just now. Michael's and Andy's comments were actually three hours earlier than their timestamps, which is why my response appears to come before one of the comments it's responding to.

I'd change the timestamps, but the GUI interface oddly doesn't allow that, and I don't want to bother mucking around in the database.

So just pretend I'm psychic or something.

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