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Sarah Connor Chronicles update

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Ever since Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles started airing, I've been meaning to write in some detail about all the things I like about it.

For example, although Summer Glau deservedly gets a lot of attention, for me she's not the main appeal of the show: for me, the best part is the interplay between the mother/son dynamic and the save-the-world thing. It's one of the things I love about certain kinds of sf in general: a balance between a human story (single mom tries to raise teen boy) and a huge world-changing science fiction plot (that teen boy is the future savior of humanity, and he knows it).

I complained a few weeks ago about an episode I disliked (though I may reconsider that episode in light of a discussion of it I read recently), but the next several episodes after that have been really good. Haven't seen the season finale yet, but looking forward to it.

Sadly, it may be too late to be saying nice things about the show: rumor has it that the show has been canceled.

On the other hand, Fox officially states that "No decision has been made yet" and that they'll be "announcing [their] fall schedule on May 18." So I suppose there's some slim degree of hope.

If you're liking the show and you want to try to help save it, you could stop by the Save the Sarah Connor Chronicles website. Or you could try voting for it at Save One Show. I have no idea whether either of those approaches will do any good--I'm pretty much resigned to the series being over at this point--but I'll keep my fingers crossed 'til May 18.

I was going to note that with BSG over, and Dr. Who only having four specials this year, and the fact that I still haven't seen Lost, Sarah Connor is my favorite regularly-running TV show, and certainly my favorite regularly-running sf show. But that comment is kind of undermined by the fact that it's the only show I'm currently watching, and the likelihood that it may be over.

Still, if you haven't watched the show, and if you like the Terminator movies, and if you like thoughtful character-driven sf with usually-good plotting and characters you can care about, it may be worth picking up Sarah Connor on DVD. Nine episodes in season one, a full twenty-two in season two; season two hasn't overall been quite as good as season one, imo, but it's still generally quite good.

(Added later: We saw the finale. OMG! These last few episodes were jaw-dropping in all sorts of ways. I sure am gonna miss this show.)

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