Choral Project

I should mention that the concert last night was very nice. If you want to get some idea of what it was like, The Choral Project (who performed it) has released several songs from their albums in MP3 format. I listened to 'em while working yesterday; they make soothing background music, even though I suspect the chorus members would be annoyed to hear me say that.

Last night they did a bunch of stuff by women composers; their conductor seemed shocked and a little outraged that so many women composers aren't well-known parts of the canon. I can certainly see being unhappy about it, and I'm pleased that the group is doing something about it by performing such works, but it seemed a little naive to be so surprised about it.

Anyway, they did a nice rendition of "The Word Was God," by Rosephayne Powell, which I've heard somewhere before but I'm not sure where. It was just composed in '96, so I must've heard it fairly recently. Also some madrigals, and some way cool overtones stuff by Australian composer Sarah Hopkins, and various other nice pieces. I know nothing about choral music, but even I can tell that this group is good.

I'm clearly trying hard to avoid working, so I'll shut up now.

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