Dept. of totally charming

I finally managed to hook up my PowerBook's DVD player to my TV. Works nicely.

On the Spy Kids DVD are some previews that I found intriguing:

  • A preview for a Disney TV miniseries of A Wrinkle in Time. Apparently broadcast back in February. I never heard a thing about it. Anyone see it? I'm afraid the preview made it look terrible—like an after-school special.

  • A preview for a Disney Channel TV animated series called Kim Possible:

    Kim: My Web site said "I can do anything." Who knew I'd have to save the world?

    Announcer: Tracking down villains, 24/7! Traveling the globe—without a driver's license! She's—Kim Possible! And she can do anything.

    Kim: Except get to school on time.

  • An ad—not, technically, a preview—for the Artemis Fowl books (if you have Flash, you can read the first couple chapters of each of the two books online), which in addition to quoting the high-powered book reviewers, has rave-review quotes from "Sara Chase, Age 12" and "Sam Haass, Age 9." I was looking at these books in a bookstore recently; sounds like they might be worth taking a look at.
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