Vacation day

J was in town and had the morning and afternoon free, and today would've been Alex's 35th birthday (some day maybe I'll work more on that memorial site, sigh), so I took a vacation day and J and I went and wandered around San Francisco.

The day started poorly for me; Loud Car Guy once again parked in the space near my window last night, which I noticed last night, but I couldn't reach the apartment managers last night to ask them to do something about it (turns out the woman whose number I'm supposed to call in case of after-hours emergency recently changed her phone number without telling me), so after about 5 hours' sleep I spent a tense half-hour this morning waiting for him to leave and knowing I was being ridiculous for not just relaxing and letting it go. But I finally got up and dealt with email and read journals and such, which was a big improvement, and then we went to Hobee's for breakfast, which was also nice.

We drove up to Twin Peaks (the last time I was there was with Alex, on his last trip to SF; we took some photos, but I don't seem to have online a copy of the ones of him taking pictures on Twin Peaks with his hair streaming in the wind), but it was way too windy and chilly to stay for long. We considered going to Golden Gate Park, but J (who was navigating) spotted the San Francisco Zoo on the map, so we went there instead. It was nice. The only other time I'd been there as an adult was a few years ago with Kam, when she invited me along on a backstage tour; that time, we got to feed the giraffes (eighteen-inch tongues!) and hear stories about the koala and the baby kangaroo, but we didn't look at most of the animals. This time, J and I spent a relaxed couple of hours wandering around, and ended up seeing most of what there was to see. Particularly nice was watching the adorable lion cubs, which are about 13 weeks old and weigh a little over 30 lbs apiece (for you Canadians, that's 250 centiyears (or 8 Msec) old and 15 kg); the docent-type person said that in a year, they'll be more or less full grown, and the female will weigh about 400 lbs and the male over 500. They'll weigh ten to twenty times as much in a year. Them's fast-growin' kittycats.

Anyway. Lots of cool stuff. Eventually, footsore, we left, and I dropped J off at the hotel where her work event is tonight and came home.

I took lots of photos, but iPhoto is acting up, so I can't post any yet. May do so sometime soon. Or may not.

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  1. Celia

    Hmm. But my kitty’s about a half a pound now, and in a year he’ll be 10 pounds or more, so he’s plenty fast growing too. 😛 Just, thankfully, starting out smaller and ending up smaller. I forgot how small kittens start out. I keep worrying I’ll break him.


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