Bad and good

The bad news is that the saga of Loud Car Guy continues once again. We'd reached an uneasy equilibrium: he parks further away, I leave him little gifts of cookies and such now and then, he wakes me up but I've learned to fall back asleep. Things have been tolerable, though not ideal. But this morning he revealed his new toy: another motorcycle. This whole thing started with his motorcycle, months ago (it's now been four months that he's been waking me up); now he's got another one, and it's a lot louder than the car, and once again it requires literally several minutes of sitting idling and being revved now and then before it goes anywhere. I am very very glad that I won't be here too much longer. Though I was planning on another couple months, and if this goes on that won't be feasible. This isn't the kind of thing where I'll be able to go back to sleep. I'll leave him a note and see what happens. Funny: Tempest may be visiting in a couple days; I don't actually want to sic her on the guy (she's volunteered), but it's tempting.

The much nicer news, which has gone a considerable way toward cheering me up (thanks, F., E., and S.!), is that Jon Carroll is doing his annual Mondegreen columns, and he quoted one of mine this morning! (It's the Boulder to Birmingham Mondegreen that I posted here last October.) My memory is that he's quoted me once before, but that time referred to me as "Professor Anonymous" (though I now can't find any record at all of that being true, so perhaps I dreamed it); this is the first time my name has appeared in his column. I am pleased.

3 Responses to “Bad and good”

  1. Karen

    I love the idea that you would dream about Jon Carroll referring to you as Professor Anonymous 🙂

  2. Robert W. Huffhines Jr.

    I used to use the Professor Anonymous name when I payed music in the Boston,Massachusetts area prior to 1980. I had an album of original music out on the Quark label under the auspices of Greg Shaw.

  3. gurjef welles

    bob, you freak! i’m laughing my head off thinking about you standing on a bar singing your poor little pitiful musical heart out for a bunch of drunks at a titty bar. are you still alive? can you still breathe and fart? get in touch with me you freak.


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