Assorted housing-related notes

Worked at home today, as I usually do on Wednesdays. The water was shut off for a few hours in the middle of the day again, but at least this time they warned us in writing ahead of time. 'Long about the middle of the afternoon, I heard voices outside my door, and then I heard a key in the lock; I went out to the living room (luckily, I was already wearing my bathrobe) as the door opened. Apartment manager guy stood there with someone else I'd never seen before.

"Hi," I said.

"Oh, hi," he said.

The other guy said, "I told you we should knock first."

I said, "Yeah, you should knock first."

"Sorry," said apartment-manager guy. He didn't look particularly sorry. "We're here to turn the gas on."

And they did. Never mind that they'd left a note saying they were going to do that two weeks ago, but anyway, the gas is now on, so that's good.

While he was waiting for the other guy to turn the gas on, apartment-manager guy nonchalantly asked me how things were going with loud car guy, clearly expecting me to sheepishly admit that the problem was solved and it wasn't such a big deal after all. I noted that things were slightly better but not much, and that I'd just decided to stop fighting about it. He didn't seem sure what to make of that.

I figure I'll probably give notice sometime in the next week.

In other news, repairs have started on my house. So far, they involve tearing a bunch of stuff out, and not so much replacing it with new stuff. Let's hope stage two begins soon.

I gotta run out momentarily to buy some vinyl for the kitchen floor—only reason I'm still here is that I figured I needed to eat before I left, so I'm eating as I type.

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  1. Joe

    “How are things with Loud Car Guy?”

    “They’ve gotten so bad that I’m moving. Goodbye.”

    Sounds kind of satisfying, no?


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