Thursday was my last day of work for the year; we get some holidays and I'm taking some vacation days.

Which sounded relaxing, but I had forgotten (as I do every year) that this time of year various old friends almost invariably come to town.

Friday morning I had brunch with Lola; Friday afternoon I had lunch with Mary Anne, and we stopped in to see Susan L & Cadir & baby Indigo, and I got a cute photo of him chewing on Mary Anne's foot; then I stopped at the winery/monastery in Los Gatos to pick up a couple bottles of wine to give people; then Friday evening I had dinner with high school friend Karen K and two old friends of hers, one of whom I'd last seen at least three or four years ago, the other of whom I'd last seen about twelve years ago. One of them, btw, recently sold us a story; he didn't know I was affiliated with SH when he sent it, and I didn't know it was him when we bought it. Anyway, it was a good day, lots of congenial company and fun conversations, but boy was I tired by the end of it.

Saturday I guess I mostly hung out at home, mostly doing end-of-year donations. (It's weird to check email and not have new submissions arriving!) Oh, and Kam and Mary Anne both called to point out to me that it was a gorgeously sunny day and I should go outside; thank you both for that, as I probably wouldn't have done it without prompting, but I was very glad to have done it. (Spent about 45 minutes sitting in the sun re-reading a Narnia book.) Saturday night I went over to Holly's parents' place and had dinner and pinochle with Jay & Holly and Holly's parents and sister. Also good but also socially tiring.

And then today I saw Kam briefly and then had dinner with the extended Evans clan, continuing the weekend-long theme of good company leading to social exhaustion.

Tomorrow I may be seeing N & S & baby T; we left plans a little up in the air. And may also see Jay & Holly again; unclear. Later in the week, hoping to see Naomi B. And then next Sunday we reopen to subs, and there are various things I need to do before that happens.

But I'm expecting that there'll be at least a couple days this coming week when I'll get to just relax. We'll see.

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