I should be packing

Heading up to Washington tomorrow evening for my grandmother's 98th birthday.

I was going to say Tacoma, but that's not true; the only relatives I have left in Tacoma are a cousin and his family. Grandma has moved to Issaquah, where two of my uncles now live.

Plan is to fly up after work Friday, stay in a motel (with high-speed Internet access, of course; I have a lot of magazine stuff to do this weekend), attend a brief celebration of Grandma's birthday on Saturday early afternoon, probably spend the evening reading subs and editing. Sunday morning I'll drive up to Seattle to see Debby & John & Rose & baby David (who'll be three weeks old!) and Ellie & Dana & Esther (who turned 1 in December). Then I'll fly home Sunday late afternoon.

Sorry I once again won't get a chance to see the rest of y'all Northwesterners. I'm slowly becoming capable of being social again, but only slowly.

Speaking of social, had a nice dinner and chat tonight in Berkeley with David M et alia; David being en route to Switzerland (!) for his new job.

And I got home late, and haven't yet started packing for the weekend trip, so off I go.

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