Father’s Day plus assorted miscellany

Belated happy Father's Day to all y'all fathers! I hope you had a splendid day.

My day was okay. Slow start (after staying up way too late last night doing magazine stuff), breakfast at noonish, finally sat down to do magazine stuff maybe 1:30ish, nap midafternoon (I haven't been getting enough sleep lately, but have had a couple of midafternoon naps, which help), more magazine stuff later. Read a fair number of stories, but I have a lot left--the last two weeks have been the 7th- and 8th-highest submission-volume weeks ever. Also sent 47 rejections tonight, and did some administrative stuff (though I've still got plenty of that left to do as well).

Also went outside to practice poi a little a couple of times during the day. I think I'm figuring out how to do the underhand weave, which I'm finding a lot trickier than the overhand weave.

Also took a couple of breaks to do various photo-related things; among other things, there are now nearly 40 photos in my public WisCon 2006 photo album, with that many again still to be added if/when I get permission from the relevant people. (Unrelatedly, I also posted some photos of fire trucks, in case any of you are into that sort of thing. But those may go away at some point; I mostly thought a few kids of my acquaintance would enjoy seeing them.)

Also did some laundry this evening.

Mostly didn't spend time thinking about Peter today, though there was a fair bit of that yesterday as I poked around in Dobe's blog, which I hadn't known about before, and looked at those photos.

Also today, read bits of Alison Bechdel's new autobiographical comic book (though it feels weird to call it that--but in this case "graphic novel" is decidedly inaccurate as well, and "graphic autobiography" gives the wrong idea) Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, which I bought at her reading this past week. Good stuff, and relevant to the day because it's focused heavily on her father (who ran a funeral home, and who died when A.B. was in college) and on her difficult relationship with him.

(I've been intending for many months to mention the line I came up with in a conversation about parents a while back: "The reason our parents are so good at pushing our buttons is that they were the ones who installed our buttons.")

Today was also an auspicious day for other reasons than Father's Day: specifically, it was the birthday of Emma (who's now 12!) (and whose birthday party I missed yesterday, alas), Twig, and my former colleague Charles N. And it was Debby and John's anniversary, so double happy day to John! (Debby: I tried several times to reach you by email the other week, but it kept bouncing. Is your mail working?)

Anyway. Time to go read a couple more stories, then sleep. G'night!

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  1. Debby B.

    We celebrated the anniversary by looking through the wedding album with Rose. I particularly liked the picture of you juggling.


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