Journal anniversary

I failed to notice 'til just now that this past Thursday, September 14, was my journal's fifth birthday. Happy birthday, journal! Someday soon, I will use you to publicly reveal many thoughts on a variety of topics that I've been writing up but not posting.

I've posted a little more than 2500 entries in five years; that's an average of about one and a third entries a day. In the past year, I've posted an average of just about exactly one entry a day. So I guess the long periods of near-inactivity (like this past week) have been counterbalanced by days with multiple entries.

There've been almost exactly 5000 comments posted, total, which would be an average of two per entry except that I didn't implement comments 'til the journal had been around for a while. And there've been about 1100 comments in the past year, averaging about three per day (and per entry). Thanks for all the discussion, and I'm sorry again that I don't reply to those comments more often. I do read and appreciate them.

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  1. Nao

    Congratulations! (And I think most of us realize that there are very good reasons why you don’t answer more comments.)



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