Post-election unity

There's a remarkable set of photos at from 52 to 48 | 48 to 52 with love.

People who voted for Obama, people who voted for McCain, and people who voted for neither, all sending in photos and notes to express their desire for unity, harmony, and working together to build a better future.

I find it really moving, but I'm a notorious sap.

(I would find it much less moving if it were only in one direction; the fact that there are notes from both/multiple sides is the best part, for me.)

It's a Ze Frank project. For more info, see the project's about page, the page on how to contribute, and the page for people who are angry about the project (which I think is worth reading even if you're not angry about it).

I've lost track of who pointed me to this, but whoever it was, thank you.

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