Futurism now! (Singularity, non-Singularity, and Rapture)

Just happened across a Vernor Vinge piece from early 2007 called "What If the Singularity Does NOT Happen?", presenting three general future scenarios. It uses an interesting graph format, plotting "maximum power source" against "population size" with a parametric curve (so time moves forward along the plotted curve, rather than along either axis). Contains the great line 'It's 2040 and nerds in old-folks homes are wandering around, scratching their heads, and asking plaintively, "But ... but, where's the Singularity?"'

In the same set of searches, also happened across Rapture Ready, a site that proposes that "After the rapture transpires, end-time knowledge will instantly become a very important commodity," and thus provides a website with that knowledge so that those of us who aren't Raptured will have fast and easy access. It even suggests mirroring the site to help with the likely high demand in case of Rapture. I applaud the site creator's civic-mindedness and forward-thinkingness. (I mean that sincerely; although I disagree with just about all the material on the site, I approve of people providing information to help other people in general, and I approve of thinking ahead of time about how to deal with increased traffic demands on your website.)

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