Movies for blind people

I just happened across a site called Blindspots, featuring movie reviews that grade movies on the basis of how accessible they are for blind and visually impaired people with a sighted assistant.

Totally cool idea. There's over a hundred reviews, with ratings ranging from 2 (Spawn and a couple others that are apparently just about impossible for a visually impaired person to follow even with a sighted assistant) up to 10 (The American President, which turns out to be very easy for a visually impaired person to follow, even without a sighted assistant).

There are a surprising number of movies rated 6 or 7 ("Usually any rating from 6 and higher will be workable with a sighted assistant"), a few 8s, and one 9. Almost all of them require at least some sighted assistance, but it sounds like with such assistance, there are a fair number of movies that a blind person can enjoy. Nifty!

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  1. Josh

    Anything by Aaron Sorkin, Tom Stoppard, or Kevin Smith seems like a decent bet, since they tend to be pretty wordy. :^) (And a lot of what makes them nifty is the dialogue.)

  2. Michael

    Because I’m often using television shows as a radio while working in another room where I can’t see the screen, I’m often choosing what to watch based on similar criteria. Some shows are easy, such as Cheers or News Radio. Some are impossible, such as X-Files.


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