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I recently bought a photo to digital converter. It's basically a digital camera in a box; you slide the print into it, you push the button, and a digital photo appears on your computer.

Marcy HartmanUnfortunately, it's not great. It's Windows-only; it's a large plastic box that appears to be mostly empty, making it feel flimsy and cheap; the software isn't very intuitive. But it does create digital versions of photos.

I'm hoping to send a bunch of irreplaceable old family photos to a professional photo digitizing service, probably DigMyPics. But before I do that, I'd like to do a quick cheap scan of the most important ones, just in case.

Marcy HartmanAnyway, I figured Mother's Day would be a good time to scan and post some photos of my mother, Marcy, but the weekend kind of got away from me. So I'm posting a couple days late.

I scanned these as high resolution TIFFs, but then made smaller and lower-quality JPG versions to post here. Apologies for the poor layout to those of you reading this in LJ or Facebook or RSS readers; I have CSS to do reasonably nice photo placement in my blog, but of course it doesn't carry over into other contexts.

The first one in this entry, of her in a chair with sunlight in her hair, is one I've posted before, and one of my favorites of her. It was taken in May or August of 1980, according to the note on the back of the printed photo, so only a few months before she died. I don't remember how I got this electronic version (maybe from Jay?), but it was long before I had this scanner/digitizer. I've now scanned the photo again to compare versions; but the digitizer version (which I'm not posting) is nowhere near as nice as the version I'm posting in this entry.

Marcy HartmanThe second one here (leaning on the post) may be my very favorite photo of her, and I never knew it existed until, what, this past fall? I think that was when our cousins gave us a box of family photos we'd never seen before. This one was taken July 26, 1971, at my father's parents' house in Tacoma, at the top of the stairs. So I was about 3 years old at the time, and Jay was about 17 months.

The next one (head tilted, white shirt) is another one I quite like and that I had never seen before. There's no date on that one.

Marcy HartmanAnd this last one, with our dog, is not a great photo of her, but I had it handy so went ahead and digitized it. The back says it was taken in 1980 too, but that seems unlikely to me; I think that's our front yard at the duplex we lived in in Cotati, before we moved to Palo Alto in 1978 or so. But I could be wrong.

There's one other photo of her that I particularly like, from high school, but I think the only copy of that that I have is too big to fit in the scanner.

I've also posted full-size copies of the two black-and-white ones to a new web album.

4 Responses to “Marcy photos”

  1. Karen

    Oh Jed, that photo of her leaning on the post is just beautiful. I wonder if you could have it professionally duplicated in a larger size, suitable for framing?

  2. Dolores Conchita Figueroa del Rivero

    I just got a job at a local camera store (in my case, since I live in Buffalo, it’s Delaware Camera, which is part of a small chain called; I am sure there are others around the country similar to it) and we offer “shoebox specials”, wherein you can bring in up to about 200 photos and we’ll digitize them. The store also digitizes old films.
    I suggest looking for a good local store like that for 2 reasons: 1 is that they are generally good places to know about, and 2 is that if it’s a place you can go physically to, then you can bring your old photos there and put them directly into the hands of the person digitizing. I, at least, would find that less stressful, in the case of irreplaceable old photos of now-deceased people from far-away places.
    So I just thought I’d make that little plug for local businesses. I know Delaware Camera is what you’d think of as a dying breed, but they’re actually doing pretty well. And I just processed a bunch of one-hour photos yesterday, from film– people still do that!!!
    I also scanned someone’s medium-format negatives, helped restore a wedding photo from an old slide, and got to ogle someone’s great-grandpa who was a stone-cold hottie in 1904 and posed topless for a portrait. People tell you wonderful stories about their photos. It’s a great job, working there.

  3. textjunkie

    Yay!! That sounds like fun. She actually does look a bit like you but I’m not sure how much of that is due to the glasses. 🙂

  4. metasilk

    I am now amazed at how much you look like your Mom. The black-and-white/on-the-railing one reminds me of you in ML.


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